Learning contents

Learning contents – Definitions

Video Tutorials

A goal of using video multimedia is to transform a passive viewing experience into an active learning experience. This is accomplished through video tutorials. A tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.

An exemplary video tutorial:

  • informs the student of the purpose of viewing the video
  • instructs the student to make observations and record information
  • challenges the student with questions related to information presented in the video
  • directs the student to discuss questions with classroom peers, evaluate responses, and write conclusions
  • engages the student’s thinking on a variety of cognitive levels
  • invokes multiple modes of expression, and therefore cognitive processing, from the writing of text, to the sketching of shapes, diagrams, processes


An electronic book is a book, magazine, newspaper, teaching manual which can be consulted, distributed, or kept in the form of a digital file.

Ebooks allow the reader greater mobility and flexibility to easily transport and consult content anywhere.

An ebook can be useful for training documentation given to employees.


Presentation slides can be created using numerous softwares such as PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice, Google Slides etc.

Here at webstreet agency, we provide slides compatible with PowerPoint, LibreOffice and Google Slides, so that you can use the slides we produced for you anywhere anytime!

Presentation slides are very useful when giving an e-learning class, a seminar or a physical workshop.