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IT Support

IT support is above all a service center made up of qualified computer technicians who listen to users in order to respond to requests for incidents and/or the use of computer tools such as messaging, the internet, remote access…

IT support can either be an internal company service or outsourced to a service provider and specialist in the field. We provide you with a professional outsourced IT support.


Our computer technicians can install and configure your workstations, take in charge migration projects from any size, manage software installations and data recovery on new devices. 

We can take in charge the installation and configuration of workstations for any company from the start-up to bigger companies. 

Data Recovery

Want to recover data from a corrupted disk? You are in the right place. Our experts use dedicated and professional tools to recover your data on any type of support. Use specialists in the field to recover your data safely. Data recovery is a fluctuating field and each case is different. It is difficult to be able to fix a price in advance. It all depends on the severity of the disk damage, size and characteristics of the disk.

In some cases, there will simply be a need to replace the disk read/write heads or fix the firmware. In other more serious cases, it will be necessary to change several damaged parts inside the disk before being able to recover the data. This is why our diagnosis is completely free.

A delivery person picks up the damaged disk on site and you are only billed if you accept the service!