Graphical services

Graphical services – Definitions


The logo is the abbreviation of the word logotype. It corresponds to the symbolic and graphic representation of a brand, a company and is part of its visual identity. The logo serves to identify a brand and to differentiate it from its competitors.

It also serves to carry the values, the sector of activity of the company it represents and to federate consumers.

Business Card

A business card is a card on which you have your logo, your brand and all the information of your company. It is really useful to find customers and promote customers’ loyalty.

You can distribute your business cards to contacts around you so that when they need your services they just have to call you on the number displayed on the card.


The flyer is a loose sheet that serves as an advertising medium, in order to promote a product, a service or even cultural or sporting events.

It is a communication medium, which many companies use to make themselves known to their customers or future customers. This easy-to-use communication medium is popular for its lower cost and ease of use


A commercial brochure or leaflet serves both to promote the company, through the various information on its products and services, and to boost the sale of products.

Therefore, it must be designed in such a way as to provide all the elements that the reader needs, first to get to know the company better, but above all to decide him to make a purchase.