A showcase site for my business

What is a showcase site?

A showcase site is a website whose purpose is to present the activity of a company on the internet: its products, services, etc. The objective is to attract the attention and arouse the interest of visiting Internet users or to build customer loyalty by offering various and varied services, by providing information on its activity (opening hours, detailed services , contact information, promotions, company philosophy, frequently asked questions etc.)

Today, a showcase site is necessarily a responsive site : it adapts to the size of the device used by the Internet user, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

Showcase site: the price

By going through our agency, you can obtain a showcase site for 1390 $ excluding tax! At this price, you have all the pages necessary to present your activities and your products or services:

  • A homepage to introduce your business
  • A page of services to present all your services to your customers in detail
  • A portfolio to showcase what you do
  • A contact form so that Internet users can send you a message
  • A Google Maps map so people can find you easily
  • A news or blog page where you can bring your website to life and interact with Internet users who can leave you comments
  • Mandatory pages of legal notices

The service also includes the ranking of your website on the main search engines. Together, we determine the keywords on which to position yourself and make sure to structure your site so that an Internet user typing in the said keyword finds it!

We can also train you to manage and animate your website in full independence! A new service to offer to your customers? You are entirely autonomous to add a page by yourself and you benefit from our assistance for more technical operations!

What will a showcase site bring me?

The showcase site will above all provide you with visibility on the internet and a hook to turn your prospects into customers. What could be better than a showcase on which to present its services and its work to convince prospects? Seeing your portfolio and customer testimonials will convince a prospect in doubt.

Or, a prospect interested in your services will necessarily have the reflex to type the name of your company on the internet. If he does not find any associated site, he will find it suspicious and will turn away from your services. As a result, you lose visibility when you certainly have a lot to offer!

You can also post your site’s address on social media and on your Google Maps page.

The showcase site is also the guarantee of maximum visibility, worldwide and on all devices connected to the Internet! In addition, it is quite possible to add additional modules to the proposed base. For example, an agenda and appointment module directly on the internet for your customers, instant messaging to quickly exchange with your customers, etc.

The showcase site proves that you are a reliable and sustainable company: you have taken the time and trouble to invest in a site to develop your digital presence . This reassures prospects and moreover gives you a modern image!

Finally, on the showcase site , you can communicate with your customers throughout the year: promotions, new services or products, changes in schedules, exceptional closures, etc. Your customers just need to visit your showcase site to stay informed of the latest news! It’s a good way to retain them.

All right! I want a showcase site to promote my activities!

You are convinced and you want to buy a website? You can simply call us or send us a quote request for a showcase site using our contact form. We will contact you shortly. Upon payment of the deposit, our service begins. We collect photos, logos, texts, instructions from you and create your showcase site in less than 2 weeks, so that you can benefit from new visibility as quickly as possible! Nothing could be easier to get started! So what are you waiting for?


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